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Before starting a new project there are some simple things you can do to save time and help us with making things go smoothly.

  1. Try to get together pictures and clippings of products you would like to use in your new project.
  2. Plan out what kind of money you have to spend and where you think you money would be well spent. Don't cut corners to save a few dollars to build an inferior product. You will only find yourself unhappy about your project later down the road.
  3. When designing a new living space, try to include all aspects of that area and its uses. What do you do there, what do the others in your life use that space for, what kind of feeling do you want when you enter it?

Some things to help a homeowner find not only a good price but a good contractor:

  1. Ensure that your contractor is properly licensed as required by the State of California Ask to see their Contractors License and make sure it is current and is in good standing with the state.
  2. Be sure that your contractor has General liability insurance. This is to protect you, the homeowner from liabilities arising out of bodily injury and/or property damage occurring as a result of your improvement project. Request a Certificate of Insurance from the contractor before work begins.
  3. Make sure that your contractor has Workers Compensation insurance policy: This policy is also required by State Law. The policy protects you, the homeowner in the event that an employee of the contractor is injured on your improvement project.
  4. Ask for a list of current references. Check to see if prior jobs were completed on time, within budget and the quality of work and material used were satisfactory.
  5. Upon receiving all bids for your project, review them carefully, ensuring that all work requested is included in the proposal and that all contracts are equal in what was bid. Many times a contractor will intentionally leave out a portion of work in order to win the contract as the lower bidder. Following the start of work and realizing that a portion of work was not included on the contract, the work would not be billed by the contractor to you as an extra. This would usually be at an accelerated rate, thus putting the contractor's bid above the price of the other bids originally submitted.

After taking the time to go through the steps, finding someone to help your idea's come to life is as easy as picking up the phone. I hope this will help you in the quest for better living through improving your living environment.

Nathan Creer
General Contractor
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